..  Начало ....  ..  Продукти ....  ..  Полезно....  ..  Любопитно ..




..  за кучета....


    за котки.....


...за гризачи...


.  .за птици. ....


......за коне......


.......в дома......


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Cat litter box


Kit contains:

Folding litter box


Bag and scoopers

Instruction manual



Manufactured from recycled materials, biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Easy to carry, fit, use, reuse and dispose of.

Highly durable and will, under normal usage, not leak, tear or shred.

Completely neutralizes ammonia gases.

Allows air flow-through.

Ideal for cat carrier, when traveling, at cat shows or short stays at hotels or friends’ houses.

Organic bedding, perfect for flushing.

Box can be used several times.

One filling lasts up to 7 days.

Silver ions for bacteria control.  

Save for cat, family and the environment.

Easy disposing of the kit, without having to handle the litter.

Box provides easy access for the cat.

More sanitary than plastic boxes.


Котешка тоалетна

Универсална постелка

Прахообразен дезодорант


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