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Universal bedding and cat litter

Silver Protect

For thousands of years, silver has been known for its antimicrobial activity. The ancient Romans treated their water with silver coins to maintain its purity. In medicine, silver has played an important role since the 19 century.

While silver metal is historically recognized as being antimicrobial, it is not the pure silver that is active, but the liberated silver ions. The effect of silver ions stems from 3 key mechanisms:

  1. Binding and damage to the bacteria cell surface.
  2. Inhibition of respiration by suppressing transport of vital Ca and Zn ion across the cell membrane.
  3. Binding strongly to electron donor groups on constituent bacterial molecules containing sulphur, oxygen or nitrogen.

All bacteria use enzymes in order to metabolize nutrients and create energy, much the same way humans metabolize food. Silver ions disrupt these bacterial enzymes and stop energy metabolism and electrolyte transport, thereby effectively suffocating the bacteria. Silver ions also slow the processes required for the bacteria to replicate. Additionally, silver binds with components of the bacterial cell wall, the layers of which provide protection and structure to the cell. The ions create structural imperfections within these layers, resulting in the collapse or burst of the bacteria. Bacteria in animal bedding is activated my moisture. On the other hand, moisture activates the silver ions embedded in CityPets products. The silver ions bind to bacteria proteins, deactivating the odor-causing bacteria. Regardless, skin exposed to silver and silver particles is not a concern as silver is non-toxic and hypoallergenic.

What happens to ionic silver when ingested?

When an ionic silver solution is ingested, it first enters the stomach where it encounters hydrochloric acid (HCL) that aids in digesting food. The hydrochloric acid provides a vast abundance of chloride ions which have an enormous attraction to the silver ions because they have the opposite ionic charge. It is virtually impossible to prevent the chloride ions from combining with the silver ions to form the compound silver chloride. Silver chloride is an insoluble salt that does not dissolve inside the body once it has formed. The silver chloride either formed in the bloodstream or absorbed into the bloodstream after forming in the stomach is eliminated by the kidneys and passed out with the urine.


Cat litter box

Traveling kit

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Cat litter bedding

All natural cat litter bedding material with pleasant, yet not strong pine fragrance. It has odor control elements that deal with unpleasant smell of the litter box for a long time. It is soft on cat paws and doesnt stick to them or to the fur. The surface dries out in contact with air between visits of the cat and provides comfort.

It is time saving and economic. One bag of 5L is enough for 40 days for one cat. There is no need of daily scooping of feces for City pets Cat Litter dries them out and eliminates the bad smell.

Some studies say that there is more cat litter in landfills than there are diapers. City pets Cat Litter is flushable and compostable. Production does not involve open mining, tree cutting or chemical synthesis.


Universal hygienic bedding

The Universal Bedding for rodents, ferrets, birds, reptiles, cats and horses is made of cellulose fibers. It is all natural and safe for the animals ever if chewed and ingested. No chemical additives or artificial aromas are added to it. It is dust free, thus preventing allergy reactions in humans and animals, and blocking of the tiny bird and rodents nostrils.

City pets Universal Bedding has unique moisture and odor adsorption capability. It absorbs urine immediately and dries out feces.

City pets Universal Bedding is flushable and easy to change. It is compostable as well.  It is light weight and easy to carry.

City pets Universal Bedding is the most suitable product for households with small children. It is safe even if ingested. It lowers the creation of harmful bacteria and does not cause allergies.

The product is packed in recyclable paper bag with detailed instruction for use.

Powder deodorant for cat litter boxes


Powder deodorant for cat litter boxes with multiple uses in the household.


        terminates odors

        freshens the litter box

        easy to use  

        harmless for cats and humans

        suitable for all kinds of cat litter bedding materials

        priceless for incidents on carpets, floors etc.